2020 Edison<sup>2</sup>

2020 Edison2


A fully electric roadster that combines refined and eye-catching design while maintaining classic, elegant lines. Unplug and play has been redefined.


  • 232 pound feet of torque available on demand
  • Passive cooling with automated temperature management
  • Operational efficiency with smooth delivery and pleasant auditory feedback 

Twin 52 kilowatt hour motors combine to deliver 140 E equivalent horsepower, developed to be optimized for efficiency, power and size. Motors feature an internal permanent magnet (IPM) design that significantly improves performance during hard driving and allows higher sustained top speeds. The brushless motors require no liquid cooling or routine maintenance.

Security and Convenience

The convenience of no fuss fob-in-the-pocket push start and the security of a multi encrypted signal.

Tuned Suspension:

F1 inspired push-rod suspension allows for a compact suspension footprint and progressive movement.

  • Inboard suspension enables lower profile design
  • Forged aluminum control arms significantly increase strength
  • Unequal length control arms provides improved camber throughout full suspension travel


Interior Black V-Tex
Wheels Gloss Black 10 Spoke 19″
Exhaust Standard Laminated Glass
Traction Plate Black
Dead Pedal Black
Bluetooth Sound Standard
Heated Seats Standard
Brembo Brakes Optional Dealer Installed
Matte Black